Lady Sovereign - Hoodie

Penny Broadhurst 21/11/2005

Rating: 4/5

Yes she's small, yes she's got an attitude on her, she's white and she's from an estate. BLAH BLAH BLAH. The Save The Hoodie campaign has attracted plenty of attention her way, and she's right, y'know? The last time people were so scared of an item of clothing, the result of the outfits was lynchings and the like. Kids today aren't in the KKK just because they've got a hood on. My mum's got one, and she reads the Daily Mail. Anyway...once the novelty has worn off, Sov's got to cut it where it matters, on the tunes.

I first heard Hoodie a while ago, when it still went by the title Adidas Hoodie. It's still something of an advert for branded sportswear, as it keeps the lyric, but it's bouncy and catchy as all hell. She wants you to boogie woogie with her, and I like the fact that acts like Sov, Mitchell Brothers and Roll Deep sometimes take grime/garage out of the darkness and into the party zone. It's like Shake A Leg by the aforementioned Roll Deep with witty truth in the verses, wear what you want, be who you want to be. Think Misshapes by Pulp for the new misunderstood youth. You get it, and your auntie can shake her saggy arse to it.