The Mardy Bums - Put Wood in Hole/ Does it say Doormat on Me Back?

Tom Senier 16/07/2006

Rating: 2/5

Released: 24th July

With the recent success of bands like Arctic Monkeys and The Long Blondes, it's easy to see why there are so many bands coming out of Sheffield at the moment. You see people from where you live making it big and you think that maybe you could do the same.

But simply writing songs about catching buses and penning some half-funny, half-rhymes certainly won't make you a success on the scale of Arctic Monkeys overnight. The Mardy Bums seem to forget this.

If you look past their plain stupid name, then there really isn't much going on here at all. 'Put Wood in Hole' is your run-of-the-mill Sheffield accent, Sheffield lingo, throwaway rubbish. With a chorus based around the line “You tight-arsed bugger” their lyricist is certainly no Alex Turner.
'Does it say Doormat on Me Back' is as irritating as its title may suggest. A short but plodding track, its only redeeming feature is the “Teenage Fanclub and Mercury Rev” inspired guitar sonics towards the end.

If you can put up with the now clichéd lyrics, the poor choice of name, and the uninspiring music, then by all means buy this single. But just remember that there are many other bands right now, doing the same thing a lot better.