The Squid - The Squid Sell Out

Beckie Jordan 31/03/2008

Rating: 4/5

This five track sampler from crazy Glasweigan powerpop trio The Squid is a something rather strange, yet pleasently good. The CD features two of the tracks already reviewed on GIITTV, 'I Hate The Royal Bank of Scotland', a humourous romp through the queue's and frustrations of an RBS customer, and 'Living With My Granny In Dumbarton', which is kind of self explanatory really.

There are three new tracks added to this particular offering, 'Pig Star', 'Roy of The Republicants' and 'Jessica's New Boyfriend'. Each track gives a kick in the balls to the various outlets that face the humourous and ironic wrath of The Squid. A perfect blend of powerpop/punk and a twinkle in the eye make this a generic, yet refreshingly honest output.

And to ensure The Squid maintain their almost outsider status,and keep that middle finger up at the big labels, the band are releasing 'The Squid Sell Out' as a cassette only release, with advertising slots being sold for 20. The aim, apprently, makes a statement about the 'moribund nature of the physical release but also the co-modification of art in general'. So there you go.

Generally, The Squid are rather strange, witty little fellows, who despite not breaking any new ground musically, subvert the standard cliches of Rock and Roll for their own gain. And God bless em' for it.