Flood Of Red - Home, Run (1997)

Craig Broad 17/09/2009

Rating: 2/5

After years of knocking up support slots with the likes of the highly respected Enter Shikari and The Blackout, Flood Of Red release their debut album, essentially five years in the making, 'Leaving Everything Behind' on their own funded label Dark City and this, 'Home Run (1997)' is the first single from said release.

It feels like forever since the spotty hopeful days of being a teenager, days where I would emotionally will the day through by listening to the likes of Saosin, Funeral For A Friend, Finch and so on and so forth. Penknife Lovelife seemed at that time to be the most hopeful of underground UK 'scene' bands coming out of the traps at that point but Flood Of Red, although just starting out, had people desperately scamping around at the prospect of how brilliant they could be in the future.

'Home Run (1997)' is everything you would expect from the emotional British band. The almost American vocals, the melodic lead guitar over crashing drums and inaudible bass guitar creating a pop song structure and a general sound that I lost interest in before I hit my twenties. The only time I truely can say that this song involved me, is in the bridge, where everything fades out and vocally, there is a sense of emotional attachment and for a split second, you can feel the hairs stand up on the back of your neck just before the chorus kicks back in but this isn't enough to save the sheer unoriginality of the single.

Formed in Scotland you could almost forgive Flood Of Red for going towards a Biffy Clyro sound but they haven't even ventured in that ball park and what we end up with, sadly, despite the immense potential, is a slightly substandard Scottish version of Saosin.

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