Billy Talent - Billy Talent II

Tim Miller 26/06/2006

This album is the best album of the year. Hell, maybe the decade. It transcends so many musical boundaries it cannot fail to succeed and be a global phenomenon, a smash hit, and go platinum.

Well, it might be. But it probably isn't. Now, I'm all for clamping down on illegal music sharing and so on. But when record companies take so much care safeguarding their pre-release CDs that they won't play on my laptop or in my CD player, then something's gone too far.

I've got nothing to work with here. Nothing. According to their PR, Billy Talent make energetic punk with earnest lyrics. The term 'angst' features in their spiel, along with 'powerful' and 'personal'. And, with track titles like This Suffering, Fallen Leaves, Where is the Line? and Perfect World, it doesn't need the songs themselves to have a decent stab at what the term 'earnest lyrics' actually means.

In summary, then. Billy Talent II is definitely Billy Talent's second album. It's likely to be punk in a US-style. It could well have lyrics you would class as 'emo'. It's definitely out on the 26th June 2006, on Atlantic Records.

And because Atlantic have been so careful about this release, that's about all I can tell you.