Revere - As The Radars Sleep

Page 06/07/2009

Rating: 3/5

As The Radars Sleep is the new single by Revere, an eight-piece band specialising in epic post rock style tunes. Already a big favourite with 6 music's Tom Robinson and gaining praise from The Times and Time Out, and having Anthony Theaker (Hope Of The States) at the mixing desk proves that Revere certainly have the right people on their side.

Amongst Reveres eight-piece ensemble, apart from the guitars and drums typical of rock, they also boast violin, cello, trumpet, piano and even glockenspiel. With all that it would be very easy to fall into the too many cooks category, but Revere manage to find the right formulae to blend it all together to create a epic mix of early Radiohead influenced Muse and Hope Of The States dark experimental post rock. Front man Stephen Ellias admits that As The Radars Sleep is amongst the most immediate song that Revere have ever done, and if I'm honest its this impedance that lets As The Radar Sleep down.

The verse's are dark and brooding and most importantly interesting, but the song is let down by the chorus. In the attempt to find the immediacy that makes a single suitable for daytime radio, not an easy task for a post rock single, Revere have fallen into a rather disappointing and lazy trap. As the chorus builds it all sounds good, compelling epic guitars and strings melding together well only to have the rug pulled from underneath by the chorus suddenly falling into a basic, easily digestible and forgettable mainstream indie guitar sound. Quite simply after all the hard work they ruin it all with a trick that seems to have come straight from the Coldplay book of writing radio friendly songs.

There is defiantly promise here and Revere are a band I'll keep an eye on but I hope this isn't the single that breaks them, because they are able of something better than this. There is more to life than daytime radio play, and I'm sure there's more to Revere, but if this single gets them wide exposure then I fear what makes them interesting will be lost.

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