VV Brown - Game Over

Richard Wink 14/10/2009

Rating: 3.5/5

Highlighted as one to watch in the BBC's Sound of 2009 feature alongside the likes of Lady Gaga and La Roux big things were expected of V.V. Brown. The twenty five year old certainly has the voice and the talent but the previous singles from her vibrant debut album Travelling Like the Light has yet to capture peoples hearts, despite ringing endorsements from trusted Queenmaker Peter Robinson from Pop Justice.

'Gave Over' is actually a bolshy, in your face dose of straight up sass. A perfect soundtrack for divas in training as they catwalk down the high street on a Friday night side stepping kebab trays and other 'orrible sights.

Brown obviously believes in her music, she questioned those who put together Radio One playlists in a recent interview. As far as 'Game Over' is concerned, there is something missing from the song, something that makes 'Just Dance' and 'Bulletproof' perfect pop songs, something that means it is unlikely to get plenty of airplay.

Release date: 21/09/2009