The Allstars Collective - All About the Music

Miss Fliss 28/07/2008

Rating: 1/5

I'm pretty sure that a restriction was placed on the number of tracks permissible on a CD single around 1996 or so. So it comes as a surprise that The Allstars Collective present us with some seven versions of the same song. I thought that went out with Whigfield and Love City Groove. They were called things like “The Rabid Toothed Purple Beagle Mix”, or “The Exceedingly Tasty Afterhours Filo Pastry Pie Remix”, and they all sounded the same as the single itself apart from some thrown in wacky bongo drums or the sound of space aliens attacking the earth in C major.

My point is, “All About the Music” is naff brassy 90s style chugging disco pop that has “Please let me be a big massive summertime Hit” branded all over its forehead and whichever of these seven versions you listen to, it won't convince you to “turn it up and let it play / every night and every day”, as they lyrically plead, but God knows it would take that amount of effort, at 36 minutes in length.