Klaxons, One Night Only - Singles Round-Up - 16/08/2010

Sam Lee 20/08/2010

So, it's now the middle of August and I still don't think I've seen one whole day of sunshine yet. But fret not, sun-worshippers, for this week there's plenty of new music to keep you warm during those long, murky days. So, without further ado, I'll crack on...

The other day I read an interview with One Night Only's frontman - y'know, the one who's going out with Hermione Granger, whatever his name is - in which he said, and I quote: "I don't do high street clothes anymore. I wear proper clothes now." Pretentious, moi? The sooner he and his Mudblood girlfriend go somewhere far, far away where they can no longer annoy me, the better. Oh, and One Night Only's new single 'Say You Don't Want It' is crap as well.

It's funny - I always thought Flying Lotus was the name of a Chinese takeaway in Swindon town centre, but clearly I'm mistaken. 'MmHmm (ft. Thundercat)' is otherworldly, psychedelic and, with a video that looks like it's been nicked straight off The Mighty Boosh, it's something of a peculiar track, but a surprisingly catchy one. And no salt or vinegar anywhere to be seen.

When Klaxons returned after three years with 'Flashover', it sounded like they were going to be heading in bold new directions, but, to be honest, 'Echoes' just sounds a bit Myths Of The Near Future-y. That said, it's not a bad tune at all.

Hooray, it's everybody's favourite new band: The Drums! And, because it didn't do very well the first time around, 'Let's Go Surfing' is being re-released! Yay! Seriously, is it just me who hates this band? Alright, so I guess this song is pretty catchy, but in the same kinda way that the Coco Pops advert is catchy. Not in a good way. This band truly are the embodiment of the phrase 'style over substance.'

From one Brooklyn band to another - but this time a decent one. !!! (pronounced - ah, forget it...) have just released 'The Most Certain Sure,' and, ooh mama, this is one hell of a sexy track! With a disco beat, a funky slap bass line and husky vocals, it's clearly influenced by the past, but it still manages to sound effortlessly contemporary. A winning formula, and a brilliant song.

Hands up if you're flippin' sick to the back teeth of sub-standard copy-cat female singers? I know I am. Pearl & the Puppets is one of these. 'Make Me Smile' can be summed up in a single word: meh. Lyrically it's awful, and musically it's limper than John Barrowman's wrists. In fact, it's so boring I can't even be bothered to write one more word about it. Next!

Sadly, Teenagersintokyo's new single 'New Day' continues the monotony. Despite starting promisingly with a gritty bass line and a confident swagger, it quickly descends into predictable, bland nothingness, complete with a slightly embarrassing spoken-word section.

But, fortunately, Brighton-based Shrag's latest offering, 'Tights In August' is a whole lot better. Warm and endearing, it sounds like a less shouty Johnny Foreigner, complete with charming girl-boy vocals. It's a lovely specimen of slightly twee guitar-pop.

And, finally, 'Box Of Secrets (ft. Mz Bratt) is the new single from Londoner Zarif. It's the same sort of retro-inspired soul-pop that bloomin' everyone has been trying to do ever since Amy Winehouse did it. Unfortunately, it comes across as more like Paloma Faith than Aretha Franklin, and is horribly over-produced, which sucks every last drop of soul out of the song. Which is a bit of a shame really, seeing as it's supposed to be a soul track.

Single Of The Week
!!! (Chk Chk Chk) - The Most Certain Sure by Warp Records