Innerpartysystem - American Trash

Sian Lower 14/02/2011

Rating: 3/5

Innerpartysystem have released their latest single American Trash on Red Bull Records on February 8th and fans will not be disappointed with their latest offering.

The electronica trio have stepped it up a notch and this single is likely to reach an even wider audience than their previous work. This is not to say it has a more mainstream genre, quite the opposite. It's a very cool track with a psychedelic bass - it's just a little less emo than their regular music. Their vocals are typically pessimistic - “I'm just American Trash”- but the beat is funky and far too easy to dance to.

The feel of the song is very different to previous releases like Don't Stop and This Empty Love - it's more similar to Obsession. Patrick Nissley's vocals are mostly spoken and the tone of the song is an ironic look at celebrity culture in America.

As is the video, which is probably one of the most entertaining I've seen in a while. The band doesn't feature in the video, a stand-in trio of girls do instead, with many costume changes and even more flesh on show. Each scene is captioned with a cynical comment on the set, such as “This band is fake” and “these props are garbage” - not exactly the general idea of videos that get ploughed out every month - it just takes the piss really, which is refreshing.

March 29th is the official release date of their 2-part EP, Never be Content and Never be Perfect.

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