Digitonal - Silver Poetry

Richard Wink 23/04/2009

Rating: 3/5

'Silver Poetry' is a rather splendid piece of music, a challenging, dynamic mix of the more introspective, moving moments of Massive Attack, Orbital, Moby and DJ Shadow. You can imagine the song as part of the soundtrack to the film adaptation of a Hubert Selby Jr novel, or a documentary exploring the aerial sprawl of a vibrant illuminated metropolis.

Immense tear jerking strings, pulsing beats and the sluice of ambience touched over by piano. 'Silver Poetry' is a powerful dose of serenity, a neon maze that you easily lose yourself in. The one fault with 'Silver Poetry' is that perhaps it lacks a subtle edge, though if you're looking for a chill out mood enhancer then you've found a song to soothe.

The other three tracks on the EP, all remixes, make you wonder what Digitonal are making music for, are they in it to make neo-classical Electronica compositions like they've done with 'Silver Poetry'? Or are they making music to soundtrack car adverts? The remixes really drift by without event, unable to provoke any feeling from the listener. Essentially they are reminiscent of the kind of background music you might hear whilst you are out shopping for wallpaper in Homebase.