Wolfmother - Joker and The Thief

Matt Harrold 16/11/2006

Rating: 3/5

My god, time travel is possible! Oh no, wait, it's not the original line up to Led Zeppelin but their modern day wannabes Wolfmother peddling their latest single 'Joker & The Thief'. It's not a bad song per se and it has got the attraction for anyone with a mental age just about reaching double figures of having part of the Jack Ass crew appearing in the video. But is it enough to be getting away not only parodying one of the greatest rock bands going but also stealing Peter (BRMC) Hayes' old hair cut? Well the song itself is jaunty enough, a good old swamp-blues riff stomping it's way along into moments of swooshing psychedelia before kicking in with a perfectly catchy chorus. Still you can't but help feel there's a joke being pulled somewhere in the background as Andrew Stockdale's voice rings out “Can you see the joker flying over/As she's standing in the field of clover”. Quite possibly it's someone's idea in loaning out Noel Gallagher's copy of '1001 Ways to Make Your Song Rhyme'.