The Like - June Gloom

Jennifer Roberts 13/03/2006

Rating: 4/5

Where have all the girls gone? These days it's a messy, mixed up, world full of boys. Don't get me wrong - I'm not complaining, but what happened to the female contingent? The Like step gracefully up to help fill the empty space. Singer Elizabeth 'Z' Berg's beautiful, husky whisper opens above dancey beats and jangly tambourines that satisfy the indie, post-pop punk genre delightfully. Lilting harmonies lift the wounded vocals creating a melancholic sound that touches upon, but doesn't take off the sounds of PJ Harvey, Tori Amos and The Pretenders.

Californians Charlotte Froom (bass), Tennessee Thomas (drums), and Z Berg have the right sound, innocence and connections (their fathers are all in the business), but stubbornly refuse to play the nepotism card, even if cynics believe they have. Just have a listen to the final result. With a mature elegance both heard and seen, they are on their first attempt of pushing the monotony, of not just going through the motions. And with sophisticated musings of love, life and politics wrapped up in a swooning dream; string-pulling, copycats they aren't. Hopefully they'll be able to continue with their debut album 'Are You Thinking What I'm Thinking?' released through Geffen Records on the 13th of March.