Jyrojets - Hollywood Hold On

Tim Miller 16/09/2007

Rating: 2/5

Having successfully stormed SXSW this year, and toured the US further as part of the BBC BritBus campaign, for a relatively unknown act Scottish five-piece Jyrojets could be considered to have practically 'broken' America before they've barely started in this country. Yet, having promoted their name with plays on various radio stations and being lauded in the Times, it may irresistibly be about time Jyrojets made a name for themselves in the UK.

Second single 'Hollywood Hold On', preceding next year's debut album, is a resounding power-ballad, jingling guitars given more emphasis from an orchestral-sized string backing. At a pace bordering on leisurely, though, notability comes from the vocals that sound lifted straight out of Kelly Jones's mouth and the Noel Gallagher-esque solos. Stripped of its apparent grandeur, 'Hollywood Hold On' is little more than a swooning rocker that the British scene has happily been exporting to the US of A for years, and though it sounds like Jyrojets have a lot more to offer from other tracks, this is geared perfectly for the bright lights of Hollywood.