The Mission District - So Over You

TC 01/10/2009

Rating: 0.5/5

Let me start by extracting a few choice quotes from the press release that accompanied this little ditty: Soon to be your new favourite band. Special guests on the Elliot Minor Tour. Brain-conquering singles. On tour with The Bravery. Perez Hilton is obsessed with them. Meet The Mission District, five low-hopers from Montreal where maybe this type of trite power pop is still appreciated by anybody old enough to wear long trousers.

The song itself starts off with spiralling eightiesesque organ chimes and a pumping bass line before the vocals kick in to blow any illusions away of an alternative target. The point at which power pop meets emo I don't really know, although I do have something of a penchant for the latter. So Over You doesn't get into the qualifying rounds sadly, as it oozes far more McFly than My Chemical Romance. The lyrics are so banal that they deserve no quotation here and the chorus is full of the obligatory ooo-oo-ooo's to facilitate kindergarten hyper-enthusiasm.

So I'm sorry guys but my new favourite band are likely to be making my head jolt up in wonder, not thrust down in chunder! And the brains that may indeed be conquered by the sound of this will no doubt be distracted quickly afterwards by the sound of the opening sequence to Horrid Henry. Horrid indeed!

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