BenSem - Western Lights

Beckie Jordan 06/02/2009

Rating: 4.5/5

South Wales based Indie/pop rockers BenSem don't do things by the book. Ignoring trends and the latest fads, their debut album, 'Western Lights', is an emotive and unrestrained musical tour de force that is captivating from the word go. The album embraces a number of styles from the upbeat guitar driven 'Sunshine', 'Prepared' and 'She Said', to the introspective 'Constant Dream' and the delicate 'Streetlight'.

The fact that there is no single style or genre to pin the album down works well, and with the evocative lyrics and vocal styling's of Craig (Sem) Semmens, BenSem's hopes of making honest music have certainly come to fruition. Mastered by Howie Weinberg of 'Never Mind' fame, and produced by Adam Feust, BenSem have scored serious kudos for slick production and engineering. Their attitude for creating first and foremost quality music is an attitude which has so far, judging by rave reviews and critical acclaim, stood them in good stead for the future.