Summerteeth - Demo EP

Benjamin Short 21/07/2006

Rating: 5/5

Arctic Monkeys. Maxïmo Park. Kaiser Chiefs. These bands have one thing in common. Besides being phenomenally popular, they all emanate from the upper side of the north-south divide. But somewhere, in the darkest corner of Somerset, a revolution is underway, a revolution, which is altogether more melodic and emotive. And Summerteeth are at its vanguard.

Opening track 'The Black Winds' balances perilously between expansive stadium rock and shoegazing introspection. The gothic melodrama of 'Slow Me Down' bears a passing resemblance to Muse and Nine Inch Nails, but in truth, Summerteeth are a band who defy comparison. The glacial post-rock flourishes of 'Story of the Universe' and '11 Kinds of Loneliness' recall Hope of the States at their most overblown, whilst 'New York (Peggy Sue)' provides a mellow, evocative respite. The somewhat aimless 'Vapour Trails' is the only blemish on this CD.

These demos have all the potential to thrive into an album of legendary status. Two years from now, I'll be laughing all the way to Barclays as I sell my Summerteeth demos for several hundred pounds on eBay. And when you catch a glimpse of them from row ZZ of your local football stadium, you'll wish you had discovered them earlier. Now is their time.

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