Ladyhawke - My Delirium

Alex Skinner 25/12/2008

Rating: 3.5/5

Reminiscent of an electro Cindi Lauder 'My Delirium' is released with the kind of energy that makes Phillipa 'Pip' Brown sit pretty in the mainstream eye.

This single will certainly get her noticed and so she should, she has great style and beautiful artwork on show. The New Zealand singer-songwriter should get recognised for her sterling work even sooner. Just completing her first UK headlining tour last month and is always a hit at any festival she graces.

The single 'My Delirium' passes with flying colours but seems to get old quickly, without the wallop of the previous single 'Paris is Burning'. (Everyone seems to adore Paris for reasons unknown to me, they write about how great it is)*. Hmm, the beauty is in the massive amounts of reworking and hectic remix versions galore, so hot damn! Look out for her to get even bigger when on tour in 2009 with those 'Ting Tings'. The album is pretty good an' all.

* Inner thought.

Release date: 08/12/08