Wap Wap Wow - GIITTV Introducing: Wap Wap Wow playlist

GodisintheTV 29/07/2010

In the final part of July's 'Introducing The Band,' our band of the month Wap Wap Wow talk us through ten tracks that have helped shaped the group into who they are today...

Kate Bush : The Dreaming
Chosen by Rose Dagul (Lead vocals and 'cello)

“Kate Bush is an absolute genius in my eyes and probably my biggest influence to date - not necessarily musically, but because of her attitude towards music making. She's an artist who has remained completely true to herself throughout her career and for that I admire her. It's hard to pick just one song but The Dreaming is so gorgeously bizarre with its arrangement and production that it still manages gives me goosebumps, so I'm going to go with that one.”

Steve Reich: Electric Counterpoint I - Fast
Chosen by Penny Klein (Violin)

“I think the piece of music I have listened to the most amount of times throughout my life. It's undoubtedly influential in my every attempt to compose / every attempt to contribute to a composition by anyone else. Constantly beautiful.”

Baris Manco: Lambaya Püf De
Chosen by Duncan Thornley (Drums)

“Great track by a legend in Turkish Rock Music. He looks a bit like a man playing a wizard in a 70's porn film, the title apparently means 'blow out my candle'. They played it in a club in Istanbul as a birthday request for me recently. The place went wild. It sounds like a profound narcotic funk from another planet. Sex on a kebab skewer.”

Fleetwood Mac: Tusk
Chosen by Chloe Bonfield (Vocals)

“I know it may seem an obvious choice but whenever I hear it I fondly think of us all playing together. I also completely adore and love it all on its own (I also have a secret daydream when I hear it of us all having some kind of huge Viking feast in a forest).”

Robbie Basho: Green River Suite
Chosen by Ed Parkinson (Vocals)

“Conjures everything except filthy London, by turns philosophical and base, celebratory and sorrowful, disciplined and wild. A musical refuge.”

Al Stewart: Small Fruit Song
Chosen by James Cartwright (Vocals and Ukulele)

“Short and sweet with slick guitar playing. Al Stewart was the UK's answer to Bob Dylan, but no one really liked him at home, so he moved to America. After that he got confused by the new culture and started writing rubbish songs, but his first three albums are probably some of the most overlooked folk gems to come out of the late 60's.”

Annie: Chewing Gum
Chosen by Benji Jeffery (Violin)

“Annie is pure pop but somehow never set the charts alight. She's almost an underground popstar, if that's possible, and Chewing Gum is her finest moment. It's cheesy and fun but with a really dry delivery and for tedious pun fans like myself, it's full of them.”

Dirty Projectors: Useful Chamber
Chosen by Laura Vent (Vocals)

“Because of the bit 4'13” in. And the nasal wail. And the fact Dave sings about a whale at the end.”

The Flaming Lips: She Don't Use Jelly
Chosen by Kate Burn ('cello)

“Fresh in my mind after seeing them at Glastonbury - I'm going to go for She Don't Use Jelly by the Flaming Lips purely because it always makes me laugh so much. I laughed my head off for about 20 minutes the first time I heard it. The vocals are just bizarre but it's incredibly made with bells and gongs woven into guitars, drums, keyboards and all sorts.”

Bumblebee Unlimited: Lady Bug
Chosen by the whole band

“This song is the greatest. Both Benji and Duncan were big fans of this and introduced it to the rest of us. We have chosen this to honour the two ladybirds we encountered at Glastonbury festival who were on patrol for 'aphids and bombs'. Ed thought they were charming. It is also dedicated to the hundreds of ladybirds that took refuge in Rose's Camberwell flat this winter.”

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