The Good Natured - Warriors EP

Neil Watts 21/08/2008

Rating: 4/5

Every so often you hear a band that poses an unusual challenge; they manage to sound quite unlike anything you have heard before, but at once they're able to remind you of so much. The Good Natured's robotic sound is simplistic and endearingly unpolished, yet it still manages to evoke a complex range of possible influences.

On the surface it would seem that Sarah McIntosh has created an equally lo-fi but altogether more abrasive and faintly industrial version of Au Revoir Simone. Scratch a little deeper and there's an odd Continental quality to it that is shared by Ladytron's haunting electronica. But it is her unconventionally angelic sounding vocals that really hook you, especially on the sublime 'Rose', the EP's undoubted highlight. There is potential for something truly great to grow from this.