Example - Kickstarts

Antonio Rowe 21/06/2010

Rating: 3/5

Example formerly known as Elliot Gleave is the latest addition to the ranks of bygone UK MC's who once spat rhymes about life's trials and tribulations over a foreground of fuzzy basslines and beats. But who now favour to rap/sing-talk about lighter subjects such as Holidays (Dizzee Rascal), heartbreak (Chipmunk) or even just decide to ditch the rapping and opt for a soulful Motown croon (Plan B) in a bid for mainstream success.

So will new single 'Kickstarts' be the song that achieves success where its predecessors ('Watch The Sun Come Up', 'Won't Go Quietly') failed to? The goal of a major crossover hit that Example needs to make this obviously commercial-orientated sonic change worthwhile. Well that answer would be yes, it's got it all; an incredulously annoying but loveable rave intro, throbbing dance beats (thanks to Dub-step very own Sub Focus) and sickly sweet lyrics. It's the type of song you can imagine been blurted out in Pacha and soundtracking the holiday flings of many 18-30's in Ibiza. But 'Kickstarts' is no 'Bonkers' being about as credible, edgy and memorable as a Glee cover. Nonetheless still hugely enjoyable.

Out Now.