Tin Soldiers - Words Got Out

TC 01/10/2009

Rating: 4/5

Four-piece outfit from Kent who, here at least, kick up a mighty post-grunge racket that is highly listenable and shows promise of a band with a lot to offer.

It's a punchy number with a wonderfully commercial hook and is driven along at a pounding rate by the rhythm section. The band cite Foo Fighters as a major influence and there is a clear debt to them on this, with an anthemic chorus that sticks inside your head like putty. It's maybe over commercial in some respects, with guitar riffs that might have emanated from Ash, but it is a single after all!

There's bags of energy on this, the first single from the upcoming album, which will also include remixes of last year's singles 24 Hours and Wait For You. The set's being produced by Greg Brimson who has twiddled the knobs for both Muse and Feeder, so if he can help Tin Soldiers capture some of the best bits of the aforementioned past masters then it promises to kick start 2010 with a riotous bluster.

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