Club Le Shark - Demo

Lara O'Reilly 10/08/2006

Rating: 4/5

The boys from Bournemouth, Club Le Shark have produced a very impressive first demo with huge riffs, magnificent choruses and some nice little touches that would unfortunately be omitted from their live performances.

Beginning with track numero uno, 'Happy Hour', a near imitation of The Misfits at their best, this song is far more "Lacoste" than "Le Shark". I'm worn out just listening to it, the moshpits for this track must be like a marathon. Prepare yourself for the maniacal laughter at the end.

'Hungry For Blood' leaves us hungry for more with every member of the band showcasing exactly what they're capable of: ball-clenching vocals, guitar strings at breaking point, seemingly elastic drum skins and even a bit of piano in there for good measure. I don't actually think there's a member of this band that isn't talented, they're The Sex Pistols without a Sid Vicious, a Motley Crue without a Nikki Sixx, they're… too good to be unsigned. It's just a shame this scene has bypassed us, but maybe Club Le Shark can shout loud enough to get it back in all our ears again. OK there's the clichéd lyrics and the god-awful haircuts but it's about time we got a bit of good, pure rock n roll back into the circuit. Less of shy, shoulders hunched shuffle and more of the cock-sure swagger.

Before the third track on the demo even begins, there's something I should say: only artists like Pink and 13 year old chavs in chat rooms replace their s's with z's. There is no need to insult the English language, it's never done anything to us (well except for the silent letters and schwas). This is heresy, but never mind, in 'Rock 'n' Roll Angelz' *shudder*, the Sharks prove they've definitely got bite. This tune is catchy enough to appeal to a mainstream audience, yet still has that definite attitude to be a bit of an anthem for the true fans.

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