Telegraphs - I Don't Navigate By You

Craig Broad 25/03/2009

Rating: 3.5/5

Telegraphs are a five piece band from Brighton, who collected a huge amount of praise throughout 2008 with their previous single "Your First Love Is Dead" which gained them accolades from broadcasting big hitters Kerrang!, Rock Sound and airplay from the likes of Radio 1 and XFM. "I Don't Navigate By You" is their attempt in 2009 to take the hype they have created for themselves and further it to break into the mainstream.

Telegraphs album was influenced by the failing of a love relationship within the band and "I Don't Navigate By You" shows this with it's emotionally passionate lyrics that speak of the universal subject of love lost and clever male-female vocal interplay that comes to the forefront on a masterpiece of a chorus. Telegraphs seem to have everything, not only relate-able lyrics and challenging vocal interplays between male and female members, but also a guitar style that sways from indie to post-rock to mainstream rock with such ease that it is both respectable and accessible.

It has to be said, a lot on show here isn't exactly anything new and everything that is tired and used is negatively on show within the first sections of this single, indie guitars, Editors-esque drumming patterns surface from the off, luckily however, such a tired use of music is quickly dissolved and by the last chorus, "I Don't Navigate By You" will have you comfortably sitting in its pocket, eager to keep listening again and again. If Telegraphs can pull themselves away from the current music trend, they definitely have enough strength within their chorus melodies to become one of the biggest bands in the UK.