NewVolution - Prozac, Ketamine, Sleeping Pills, Adrenaline

Charlie Southwell 26/09/2006

Rating: 5/5

Newvolution are a 4 piece from Brighton, sounding like an up to date U2 - but really don't let that put you off. They have the remix-ability and floor-filling tunes to be a spectacular experience, both as a live band and in a DJ spun club. Although they state influences like Porn, War, & Whiskey, I believe Stone Roses, Kasabian and U2's more dance-driven moments have come into one at their combined greatest peaks, and given the world this fantastic single. “Prozac Ketamine Sleeping Pills Adrenaline” is a blend of drugs that probably shouldn't be mixed. But hey, this is what some people would call “new rave”. I'm pretty sure the rave scene was never deterred by what or what shouldn't be. Come to think of it, all the worlds greatest artists never truly cared about rules. The grungy synth opening, complimented with samples and the whiskey soaked vocals bring this song an energetically charged song, with a rather down tempo chilled middle eight before kicking in with the chorus again. Maybe it is a single fuelled with clichés after all… sometimes the reason things are done, are because they just work.

A particularly grand example of synth integrated with rock, a tinge of that mod; new wave essence that has proved popular recently. But Newvolution aren't a new band, they've been busy plugging away for three years now. Still on the fringes of the music world, a band that with the right backing could just as easily become a household name as Kasabian's rise to light.

A cracking B-side as well as spot on remixes (even if they aren't all that different from the originals) make this single well worth your dosh, go on, give it a go. Take the plunge.

A genuine tip, from me to you, look out for this bunch.