Jack Hayter - Track By Track: Sucky Tart EP

GodisintheTV 31/01/2011

Jack Hayter of Hefner, Spongefinger and Dollboy fame makes his Audio Antihero debut with his sophmore solo effort. The 'Sucky Tart EP' is a dark collection of no-tune showtunes released today (January 31st 2011). Here Jack Hayter personally takes us through his new 'Sucky Tart EP' track by track, you can also listen to the tracks, and grab a download a FREE MP3 of the title track from Mr Hayter below too ! Do enjoy!

Jack Hayter - “Sucky Tart” Track By Track for GIITTV

I Stole The Cutty Sark.

A chaotic mind... desperate to impress the woman who lives over the hill. This woman likes fast cars and nice food. The man has nothing ... but he knows that there is a ship ready for the taking...a fast ship...with tall masts. He has sailed before as a child...a dinghy on lake Windermere ...no problem. He will sail the Cutty Sark past Greenwich Observatory and down to Lee. That should do it. Why let physical geography get in the way of desire?

A Doll's House

One of those songs that starts with one image ...oral sex in a confined space ...then veers off into a darker place. They tell each other that they are quite happy where they are...they
can't see a way out...and they won't admit to wanting to get away...no matter how much you try to show them an alternative to their stifling environment. Not surprisingly bitterness and hatred are on their way.

A Simple Song

I was off work and I wrote and recorded in this about 30 minutes...I guess it shows! I usually put unusual words into lyrics...as I find it hard to remember songs onstage unless I do. This song is very simple and consequently I have trouble remembering the words. When relationships end there's usually at least one moment when we think “How did it come to this....we were good together once.”

But then I listen to it again and think it could be about death or emigration. That's the trouble with simple songs...you can dress them up with their own interpretations.

Jacquie I Won't Mind

The plasterer's brother has fallen in love with his wife's sister. They both know it can only end badly. They are on the phone late one evening. He is telling her that maybe he can handle just being friends...perhaps. We know what the likely outcome is though. It was a story told to me by the plasterer. I heard later that his brother died suddenly of a stroke before the situation was discovered. Frankly I'm not surprised.

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