Findlay Brown - Come Home

Russ Essom 08/02/2007

Rating: 4/5

Findlay Brown was, in his youth, a bare-knuckle boxer but listening to the euphoric, acoustic sounds of his forthcoming single Come Home, you would never believe that.

No dodgy, electronic, Goldfrapp-esque sounds here, please. Leave your synth at the door, grab a tin whistle, or acoustic guitar and share the love. This single is beautiful; a stunning mix of softness, romance and relaxation from all instruments, complimented by a gentle, soothing male voice.

This is a song that simply flows; there are no clear distinctions between verse and chorus, nor between beginning, middle and end, but somehow it works, as background music it grabs attention and as foreground it raises great interest.

The B-Side, Broken Every Rule is an acoustic-ballad reminiscent of those of the late, great Jim Croce. Do everything you can to hear this man; the single is bound, a little bird tells me, for the next major terrestrial TV advertisements for MasterCard.

Released 05/02/07