Those Dancing Days - Home Sweet Home

Louise Evans 25/09/2008

Rating: 4/5

The latest in a long line of perfect Swedish indie-popsters, Those Dancing Days are offering up another irresistible single just prior to the release of their debut album In Our Space Hero Suits in October. Home Sweet Home is a prime example of how a sugary sweet pop song should sound; musically happy go lucky and practically sparkling, it brightens the mood instantly. The chorus is simple yet so infectious you can't help but sing along.

Home Sweet Home is as shallow as music comes, there are definitely no hidden depths here, but that is part of the single's almost innocent charm. A tale of yearning to return home to which everyone can relate told through occasionally baffling lyrics, all set to an upbeat track makes this raucous single a fantastic prelude to the album.

Released Sept 29th, 2008