Eugene McGuinness - Eugene McGuinness

Alex Skinner 06/10/2008

Rating: 4/5

This album is a damn fine splendid effort, filling you with much hope and promise for the future of the young Eugene McGuiness. Following on from the acclaimed mini album of last year The Early Learnings Of..., this new album should hit the nail on the head.

Adopting playful lyrics that range from obscure to obsolete, the fun loving melodies dilly dally with plush catchy numbers dancing a fandango in your imagination. There is no foreseen weakness throughout due to the warm and fuzzy foundations it lays. The sound is somewhere between a three layered music sandwich of Lightspeed Champion, Patrick Wolf and Badly Drawn Boy (if you can imagine such a delectable tasty treat).

The special tracks on the menu are with Rings Around Rosa that serves as a starter course of skiffle-beats to get a light taster. This leads before a second course of Fonz that creates a scale balance of snappy post-punk pop music sprinkled with lovable lyrics smothered in a gleeful charm sauce.

The main course Crown in the Clown is a most impressive dish of rich, swooning vocals glazed in melodic lyrics and a side order of pizzazz.

There is an element of playfully, modern poetry on one side, leveled out by delightfully absurd thoughts on the other. All garnished in phrases that move in an unpredictable direction.

The bittersweet Disneyfied acts as a richly textured dessert, whilst God in Space brings you back down to earth like a mint after a decent curry.

It is lovingly adorable noise that throws you into a world of melancholy madness.