Blood Red Shoes - Light It Up

Alex Yau 23/11/2010

Rating: 3/5

Like Clegg to Cameron or Blair to Bush, there were many fears that the Brighton duo had gone soft prior to sophomore album Fire Like This. Of course, this was an understandable concern to those who had been grabbed by debut Box of Secrets like a sex pest suddenly confronted by ladies on a hen night. Box of Secrets was like Pandora's Box unleashing a barrage of chaotic and overwhelmingly satisfying anger. Thankfully, rumours can just be rumours.

Light It Up shows that Blood Red Shoes are partying like it's the 1990's. Sure, it doesn't have the Ansell/Carter exchanges that we're all used to but it compensates through its anthemic chorus exemplified by its obvious Sonic Youth and Nirvana influences. It's all punctuated by thick wall of explosively distorted and frantic guitars. Light It Up is that angst lying in all teenagers just waiting to fire out.