Simon Wiffen - Life Support

Owain Paciuszko 08/12/2008

Rating: 2/5

Wiffen is a singer/songwriter, a term as lacking in definition as it is full of possibility, for every Elliot Smith there's a James Blunt, for every Brendan Benson a James Morrison. Though not without talent and a strong voice Wiffen falls onto the latter half of these see-saws, which is fine if you like the more simplistic, earnest style of these artists, but for some this type of music is Marmite or Kryptonite.

There is a touch of Ben Christophers to opening track 'All My Days', but, at the same time, a touch of early-Robbie Williams and some of the chord changes are achingly familiar from some late-90s pop hit that I can't quite remember. Unfortunately with lyrics as hackneyed as 'I'd move Heaven for you' (on 'Fireflies') it's hard for me to objectively enjoy this record. I wouldn't dissuade anyone from listening to Wiffen, but this six track ticks many of the boxes that alienate me from many contemporary singer/songwriters.