Various Artists - Kitsune Parisien

Rhian Daly 01/03/2011

Rating: 4.5/5

Continuing the work of super Frenchies Kitsune is a compilation filled exclusively with tracks created in the city of love. Selected by the label's main man Gildas Loaec and artist Andre Saraiva, it catalogues Paris' fondness of music in its many guises - from the falsetto peaks of Destin to the heartbreak piano of Cascadeur, Kitsune Parisien reads like a travel guide to the French capital's brightest aural stars.

Juxtaposing more familiar acts with fresher and newer ones, this is a compilation that introduces new names without leaving you feeling cold. Housse de Racket is represented in the form of a hypnotic remix of 'Chateau', courtesy of Golden Bug, skipping gently into the neighbouring Jupiter and their disco synth homage, 'Sake.' Jamaica's 'Sunshine' remix of Ryskee's 'Horrors of Love' does what you'd expect by breezing in and brightening things up 1000% before passing the baton on to BeatauCue. 'Behold' is a dazzling electro kaleidoscope, shapeshifting every few bars in a relentlessly colourful but blindingly fun fashion.

Sauvage's 'Glory' takes the pace down, providing a much needed break with its Yeasayer-esque rhythms and gentle touch. The calm stretches a bit further, as Valley come shuffling into view with their laidback strut, '1999.' Sadly, it's got nothing to do with the song of the same name by purple-clad midget hero Prince but it would probably work well as the comedown to partying like it's the end of the 20th century.

Kitsune Parisien is unmistakeably French, exuding cool, sophistication, fun and pushing creative boundaries. It's a compilation that could only exist across the Channel.