Ten Bears - Braces

Chris Stanley 26/04/2010

Rating: 4/5

Manchester is a curious place; we are either in a constant state of moving forward or moving backwards, which physically means we stay in one place, refusing to be told any different and giving each surrounding city a hug or a punch. It is also an effective place for bands to lie low from the glare of Londonium (that or the big smoke refuses to acknowledge our existence.) Our own central music scene and industry may never be able to fully compete with the capital but it has character and soul, even if we do like clutching onto the past. Which for Ten Bears means previous country indie incarnation The Deadbeats has been left behind in favour of an sub-three minute pop song entitled 'Braces'. Managing to focus all the elements of nostalgia wrapped with synths and catchy melody, sounding like a hundred other things but giving that over all familiar feel that you can't quite put your finger on.

Current comparisons have put them in similar vain to pysch rockers MGMT due to the songs synth laden verse. This is a little unfair, despite the strength of their material MGMT would not be able to produce a song which has this heart and honesty. At times it emulates the rhythm and dark tones of Placebo, and in the line "I saw your new teeth turning black as we were babies aging" this can be seen. It is always a joy to see Manchester produce a poptastic single without straying towards the lad rock end of the stick. Wonderful.

Release Date: April 26th