Fraser - Lay It On The Line

Bill Cummings 15/02/2010

Rating: 1.5/5

No, sadly this is nothing to do with one renowned shrink from Seattle, but its yet another band of bright-eyed indie pop hopefuls trying gain our collective attentions. Fraser are fronted by 'Maltese singer/songwriter Fraser Gregory- a multi-talented songwriter who has spent the past five years performing around the world solo after parting ways with Malta's biggest musical export, The Beangrowers' (ED:I've never heard of them either?!) he's now joined by UK comrades drummer Nick Winters, bassist Josh Bergson and guitarist Stuart Davenport.

Their debut single 'Lay it on the line' is a classic slither of cut and shut pop music, I mean classic in the sense that it cuts wholesale the synth line from The Killer's 80s aping hit 'Read My Mind' and welds it Top Gear styleee (so you can see the join from under the Stig's blacked out visor) to a irritatingly jaunty, 60-ish melody replete with bouncing ball bass and eager choppy guitars, of the kind those dreadful MOR types The Feeling fart out in their sleep. The press release daubs Lay It On The line 'catchy' I call it derivative, disjointed and wholly unnecessary, its not terrible, just yet another 'nice' copy of a copy of a copy thus making it entirely inessential.