Paramore - Hallelujah

Bruce Turnbull 20/09/2007

Rating: 2/5

As the 'delectable' Tennessee four-piece hit our shores for a string of mostly sold out live dates, 'Hallelujah', the second single to be taken from their sophomore effort 'Riot!', hits the shelves hoping to saturate into the mid week charts.

One of the more placated, reflective moments on the aforementioned full length, 'Hallelujah' boasts a hopeful chorus and a striking middle section that really gives credence to frontwoman Hayley Williams' domination of the female fronted alt-rock/emo scene, lacing the furious guitars with a smattering of contentment and credibility. Vocally, the track is top notch as we have expected from this outfit - and many suspect the crux of their celebrity - and as the band move into poppier territory, less heads are stepped on, slipping Paramore onto the lower rungs of the originality ladder.

A slower, contemplative paean to commerciality that all the sycophantic, socially confused teenagers will love, others might want to wait until album number three for something less ingratiating and more maturely dynamic.