Scully - Who's A Terrorist Now?

Clark Summers 08/05/2006

Rating: 4/5

This opening salvo from promising new Deptford three piece Scully is just the kind of thing this writer is looking for. A clarion call to the blank generation to switch off their television sets and do something more interesting instead, the provocative “Who's A Terrorist Now?” wears its heart on its sleeve and its Marlboro Lights in its top pocket. Reminiscent of early The Jam and the rabble rousing rhetoric of The Clash its garage punk guitars clatter along like tin cans in the wind as frontman Dan Scully spits out each syllable with something approaching venomous disdain. As debut singles go it's as rip roaring a statement of intent as you're liable to hear all year. Let's just hope Scully can deliver more of the same next time out, with Blur producer Ben Hillier at the helm there's every chance of that happening.