Larsen B - Marilyn EP

Miss Fliss 06/10/2008

Rating: 2/5

An ice shelf, a British Sea Power album track, and now a band name. Larsen B are that understated breed of lite folk bordering on the indie. The sonics of Mew (sweeping, icy, heartfelt) and The Kissaway Trail (banjos, militant drums) come to mind for a flicker, but Larsen B are not as dreamily pretty. There is a sinewy quality to lead track Marilyn but we're not taken into a dream world, the vocals are too deep, too ordinary, there is no sense of soar. This is mid-pace, lacking in urgency, we're simply lead for a dance with the male lead singer imploring a girl called Marilyn to take off her shoes. Second song The Year of the Rat twinkles nicely, but it still doesn't quite click with me. Another song waffles on about fossil fuel repeatedly, and I'm lost to Larsen B's cause. I could make a cruel joke about this Ep being released on Try Harder Records, because though there is something likeably pleasant about their sound, they're happy just to bob unassumingly along rather than detonate with magic, and it's a tease and disappointment.

Released on 6th October, 2008