Son Dura - Lights Out

Matt Harrold 23/10/2006

Rating: 3/5

No reviewer in the world ever wants to read the PR letter written by a band and see the name 'Nickleback' presented. Yes they may have sold untold number of records around the world but that's because the majority of the music fandom out there are sheep, the herd, baaaa. Oh you get the drift! So Son Dura goes on with a little but of trepidation, teeth gritted, fully expecting to start bleeding out of my ears but lo and behold. It's not actually that bad. I'm kind of stunned, title track for the Ep 'Lights Out' starts out with a catchy enough rift before hitting Mettalica territory, ok so lyrically it could do with some super charging but it's pretty kick arse without getting too heavy. 'Antics' brings in more pop hooks, although it does skirt dangerously close to Nickleback territory, some tight drumming and screamo moments drags it back from the edge (thankfully).

Ending track 'Fake' is pretty melodic at points and you can't help wonder where Son Dura are going to go if they try to stay straddling the gap between radio friendly and full on metal. It's a trick few bands manage to make work for any period of time, either falling into MOR territory or retreating into themselves so far that their heads get stuck up their arse. Here's to hoping Son Dura manage to keep those plates spinning.

Son Dura