Newton Faulkner - Dream Catch Me

Paul Cook 23/07/2007

Rating: 3/5

The mellow, harmonious vocals of Surrey's newest, and quite possibly most unique soul sensation, Newton Faulkner, are quietly captivating in the first single to be released from debut album 'Hand Built by Robots.' A certain sense of escapism radiates from 'Dream Catch Me', telling a tales of a child-like imagination and freedom.

An effortless and fairly standard riff opens the track, but it's not instrumentals that aim to impress. Instead, Faulkner's powerful voice begins mellow, gradually building into the commanding chorus and impresses tremendously with a mixture of emotive and heartfelt vocals and a raw, gravelly texture.

'Dream Catch Me' shows vocal talent in buckets but lacks the uniqueness and innovation that could make the undoubtedly vocally-gifted Faulkner one of British music's best modern soul singers.