Oversol - Speed

Russ Essom 28/11/2005

Rating: 3/5

Who's up for a pure and simple funk-out? All in favour say, “Oversol.”

Ok, pardon the surreal opener, but I have been knocked slightly off-balance by Oversol, Chichester's one year-old baby band. A mix of plain and glorious indie to rival the likes of Blur's epic, “Coffee and TV” period and danceable, quirky funk rhythms that reduce the indie-spawned melancholy you would expect to nothing but the occasional flicker of notes.

These chaps deliver heaven-sent vocal melodies that caress the ears of anyone nearby, which when paired with the frankly horny keyboard work that ballets round the brain hand in hand with drum, guitar and bass sounds so well combined they may as well be called salt and vinegar and another one.

The 21st Nov sees the release of their debut single, the epic, “Speed.” The stunning guitar and drum intro is met after a few seconds by some fluid vocals, before they both swan off into the distance with a flash-foot funky-step skip in their step. Hearing is believing with this one I'm afraid, but it's a cracker; the moment the chorus cuts in over the verse, it does so with the kind of aplomb that could murder any atmosphere and take over the world, perhaps.

Other songs, apparently written and rehearsed in a bedroom with pillows and duvets in place of wallpaper, include, “Tiredness can kill”, and, “Under Surveillance”, the former being an even more upbeat, dance-a-thon of a tune, that starts off slowly and builds up to a pure musical orgasm that lasts for around 4minutes and 37 seconds.

“Under Surveillance” is different, it begin by threatening to be a full-blown dance track, until the digital effect-riddled vocals take over and the groove leaves the speakers and enters your soul, which will no doubt be hooked by the genius lyricism these fellas provide in every song.