Jack Summer - Tonight Becomes Today (End Of The Trail)

Thomas 31/03/2008

Rating: 1/5

Oh god. This is the sort of thoroughly depressing track that it's barely worth interrupting your conversation to listen to, or let's be honest, even read about. But just for the record this is a terrible one, a slice of dull and pointless junior-level indie rock with all the depth of a Saharan duck pond and lyrics so embarrassingly amateurish, I now have to go and get blindingly drunk simply to try and forget them.

Apparently our Jack's giving away his first album for free; a nice touch, but about as worthwhile a punt as those 'free stuff' websites where people are giving away table legs, or Razorlight ticket stubs partly covered in ketchup. To sum up then, there's little to do here but quote the always-reliable Mr Alan Hansen - this is very, very poor.