Sharing Sheaths, The Berlin Girls - Rocklands Recommends.

Brigadier Warren Pees 23/05/2007

As part of a two part series the movers and shakers of Rocklands and the New Cross recommend some acts for your listening please. First up are the interestingly named Sharing Sheaths and The Berlin Girls.


---the wheelchair march---

...like an inverted tongue dancing in the milliners spring-time off-cuts, Terry Butchery and Mergatroid had a medicinal start to 2007. Guesting on the decks at the now legendary 'Kill the Pets' free-for-all, Sharing Sheaths instigated chandelier-swinging, upholstery-bursting and riotous body-popping until someone let a horse in. Within seconds of each other, the Butcher and the Maestro were detonated like redundant post-war high rises - the circus came to Camden Town and gathered round the promptly fingered ambulance for two.

Suitably salined, our heroes tore off their electrodes and stumbled to the basement of the New Cross Venue with synths and strobes in hand, adding a tangent to the RSVP London night and being lovemelongtime impressed by the woodland folk known as Buttonhead.

Butchery and The Romany One are now surrounding the dying embers of March, slaving away to their own rhythm with a debut extended player about to be uprooted from the scorched earth in early May.

Lyrically speaking...

"...pulling myself from the wheelchair - stop and stare - in the hall of mirrors of a Siberian nightmare colonels secret recipe of herbs and spices puddle-hopping stagnated nicest vices a deafening sonic boom! sound if you listen better shape up shunt the pistons and glisten combing the savannahs and the plains and the wilderness - stranded for survival human testing in emptiness politik scientist genius disobedience for the perfect puzzle pieces missing ingredients..."


Pic by Satoko Owada

The name 'Berlin Girls' evokes imagery of sexy, foreign cabaret-performing ladies. Who wouldn't wanna see a performance by them? Smart name! Anyway, this kooky, young Arctic Monkey-esque 3-piece defied expectations but certainly did not disappoint! Their tunes are danceable and fresh. These dedicated musicians/music fanatics are going places! Let me add one more thing, STAGE INVASION!

written by Jess

Newer wave guitar pop with youthful exuberance.