Larrikin Love - Downing St. Kindling

Tim Miller 26/06/2006

Rating: 4/5

Larrikin Love are angry. It only takes a glance at the volatile title to gauge the mood of this single, realised in lyrics such as 'I will burn a fire in Westminster using the door of 10 Downing Street' and, fed up with the state of England's cheerless marshes, the Love are leaving for good; 'England has nothing more to offer me'.
Larrikin Love's fierce lyrical attack on this country, with more than a hint of Queen Is Dead-era Morrissey, is carefully concealed by a punky but jangly guitar backing and pounding drums, and is all said and done in just over 2 minutes. The sort of song The Kooks might make if they gave a damn about anything.
This single is a shot across the bows of a country slowly drowning in the waste of its own self indulgence, and Larrikin Love might well be the next band with something to say about it.