Outraze - Rebel Blues

Richard Wink 14/10/2009

Rating: 1/5

As a fan of Kasabian I am outraged by Outraze. Wait, Kasabian aren't a band you should admit to liking?

The best way of describing the sound of Outraze would be to say this. When you go into a supermarket and you only have enough money to buy the supermarket own brand of Coca-Cola, well, you try the coke expecting it to contain the same ingredients and have the same flavour as the expensive stuff, but it doesn't, it tastes very unfulfilling. Outraze are the supermarket own brand version of Kasabian.

'Rebel Blues' is an abortion of a single. It completely knocks off Kasabian, my beloved Kasabian. I can understand what the deal is here, hitch a ride on the bandwagon and hope some of the glitter and gold trickles down to you. But really you need to make a better fist of the imitation in order to get a slice of the golden pie.

'Rebel Blues' just doesn't sound believable, it presents a false, uneasy swagger. Imagine a man going out on the pull, he's wearing a shirt and jeans from Primark and smells of deodorant that came straight out of a poundland bargain bin, sure, he can front for a while with a nod and a smile but at the end of the night he's going home to an empty bed and a box of Kleenex.

Release date: 01/11/09