Pilotlight - Music To Cross The Road To

Stephen Bray 27/11/2006

Rating: 1/5

Pilotlight have really pushed the boat out with this privately released record. It looks and feels very professional and was even mastered at Abbey Road (that must have cost them). Was it worth the financial loss?The answer is an emphatic 'no'. The songs weren't really much to start off with - both tracks are packed full of bland, run of the mill lyrics and the first, specifically, reuses the hook line “So let me get” (no, it's not out of context) time and time again without any real reason to do so.

Both songs are musically, at least, different from each other. The first is Emo-light, like a nascent Muse overdosed on sedatives so that it never quite manages to kick in. The vocalist goes for some notes that would put Matt Bellamy to shame and, predictably, fails massively in his task.
The rest of the musicians aren't up to much, either - the bass line is as dull as ditchwater and the drum sound is frankly appalling, but this is more to do with the pretty ropey production that leaves the songs sounding washed out and joyless than with anything else. It seems that, for once, the magic of Abbey Road isn't working here.

The second track starts off as a fairly interesting ambient piece but soon loses one's attention once it's loaded in its various clichés. The whole package sounds like music produced by a committee of middle-managers.
It strives for an epic quality but falls far short. Too bland by half and too dull for words.