The Grave Architects - Highway Be True/Love TBC

Clark Summers 24/05/0009

Rating: 3/5

Listening to the a-side of “Highway Be True” the latest single from Nottingham's “Coen Brothers of Rock” The Grave Architects I'm whisked away to a spit and sawdust dive in America's mid-West (circa 1894) where the tumbleweed rolls, card games are in full swing and bar brawls are just a part of everyday life you learn to deal with. Guitars twang with a distinctive Johnny Cash-esque verve as chief 'Architect Matt Williams narrates a familiar tale of love and loss (albeit one set in Australia of all places). It's a pleasant enough jangle-a-thon and it does makes this listener feel like heading to a nearby bar for the odd whiskey chaser or three but to be honest the 'B'side is much, much better. If traditional country isn't your bag you'll probably have a greater affection for the excellently titled flip-side “Love TBC” a swaggering amped up country punk number that recalls The Broken Family Band knocking seven shades out of Jonathan Richman. Seriously - it's that good. It'll be interesting to see what these 'Architects can craft over the course of an album.