The Big Sleep - Demo

Liam McGrady 11/09/2005

Rating: 3/5

Thebigsleep only have one recorded song. It's called 'Everything Will Be Okay Now We Have Curved Buses And Pink Bricks' (which in their own words "may or may not be a reference to Reading Council's novel town centre regeneration) and it's fairly amazing. Staccato, and peculiar - nearly off time, but not quite - guitar notes pick out a nagging melody, while a glorious chaos reigns in the background (mainly consisting of drums sounding like a wrecking ball smashing into an ice cap and ghoulish, wailing riffs being forced through an effects pedal set to "EPIC"), over it's seven minutes plus, 'Everything Will Be Okay...' reminds of Explosions In The Sky; but with bigger bollocks, and of Pelican; only concerned with small town frustration instead of Global politics. A stunning introduction to a band who should, and hopefully will, break out of the "Shitty town they find themselves stuck in" and onto wider acclaim.