The Parlotones - Louder Than Bombs

Matt Churchill 30/03/2008

Rating: 4/5

With a title like 'Louder Than Bombs', The Parlotones have given themselves something of an uphill struggle. Nicking a title from The Smiths, be it inadvertently or as part of a masterplan, is something of a no-no. It just causes that little bit of extra pressure that a new band does really not need.

However, this second single is a pretty good effort. Lifted from the released-in-May 'Radiocontrolledrobot', the South African group, who have been invited to play at 2008's BScene festival, have followed up first single 'Beautiful' rather well.

Although not as poppy as their debut, 'Louder Than Bombs' has all the ingredients of a solid indie tune. A decent guitar riff, a well constructed structure and lyrics that are easily accessible, the song has alot going for it.

If anything, it sounds like Morning Runner's 'Hold Your Breath', a staple of last year's summer playlists - surely the intended target of this release.

Released: 5th May 2008.