Pete du Pon - Basket Case

Patrick Glen 28/07/2008

Rating: 1/5

Here is a solemn acoustic pick along of the pop-punk classic we all loved when we were 14, Basket Case by Green Day . Pete Du Pon's version is almost wafer thin with just guitar and muted vocals. Pete has a nice voice for weddings and I think he is a dab hand at soporific ballads for menopausal
Women. He resembles a backpacker missing Australia (if Australians had French accents) in a maudlin mood outside the youth hostel. Heartfelt but best left off record. Pete's a nice guitarist, but with the personality of fluff. He can't resist changing the 'So I'd Better Hold On' bit at the end to the 'Hold On' refrain at the end of 'Everybody Hurts.' It just does not work. I think some time in the army
would sort him out…oh wait….file next to Mr Blunt please. Avoid.

Release date: 28 July, 2008.