Anna Kashfi - A Lonely Place

Richard Wink 08/06/2010

Rating: 1/5

What is this that stands before me?

Named after the former wife of Colonel Walter E. Kurtz/ Terry Malloy/ Don Vito Corleone/ Jor El, the Manchester collective produce the kind of shimmery produced balladry that comes from a Guy Garvey enema; this is what happens when you go into the studio looking consciously to produce 'beautiful' music.

'A Lonely Place' tip toes along a frozen lake. The song never moves out of first gear, there is no expression, no explosion, no eruption of passion, just vocalist Sian Webley moving tamely through the motions over a bed of dreary instrumentation. On a battlefield scale of love, with your average Leonard Cohen song representing something like The Somme, as two lovers become emotionally ruined, 'A Lonely Place' would probably be The Cold War, as a Russian double agent becomes sexually frustrated after knocking over a box of paperclips from his iron desk.

'Gold Day' is, to speak bluntly, rubbish, eerie fairy bullshit. Sample lyric: “A necklace of leaves / spirits in the trees”. I don't see any vulnerability on display, because as a listener I feel I am being duped to feel something. I don't feel anything.

Release Date: Out Now